5 Rainy Day Workouts

Winter is ending, and that means it’s time to get back into our outdoor¬†workout routines. But with Spring comes rainy days, and we don’t all enjoy running in the rain. So here are some ideas for indoor workouts to keep you motivated on those gray mornings.

  1. Indoor swimming pool. Check out the nearest indoor pool. Swimming is a great full body workout to build strength and cardiorespiratory endurance without straining your joints. This low-impact activity burns calories and might be a refreshing change to your usual routine.
  2. At-home HIIT workout. High intensity interval training from the comfort of your own living room. A quick Google search will turn up countless options for at-home “bootcamp” style workouts. Many are as short as 20 minutes and require no equipment. Stay in your comfy clothes but get ready to sweat. We like Popsugar Fitness videos.
  3. Yoga. Find the nearest yoga studio. Hot yoga can be especially appealing on a cold or dark day. This full-body workout will open your hips, stretch out your muscles, and detox your bloodstream. Often set to music, yoga will help you turn your focus inward.
  4. Spinning class. Spinning, or indoor stationary cycling, will take you on a journey that will be sure to take your mind off the weather. Many instructors include visualizations of surroundings as you progress through an intense cardiovascular group workout set to music.
  5. Netflix and squats!¬†If the weather’s got you feeling super lazy, always remember than any workout is better than nothing. Put on your favorite movie and clear a space on the carpet. Do high-rep (15-20) sets of squats, lunges, or whatever feels right. It’s silly but you’ll be surprised how sore you feel the next day.

Make fitness a habit and don’t let the weather stop you from being active! Feel good in your body every day.

Emyli Dahlia

Registered yoga teacher and ACE certified personal trainer in Denver, CO. Owner/CEO of GoldDust LTD.