Ananda Hum – I am Bliss

Ananda Hum: I am bliss. When I gladden my heart, I awaken the energy of gratitude. It is an energy that elevates and expands, and brings me to a deeper place in my heart. By opening my heart, I can feel gratitude deeply. Gratitude shifts the moment by shifting me. Nothing around me changes; I change. Things do not create gratitude; the energy of joy inside of me creates gratitude.

Source: 7 Sanskrit Mantras for Meditation and Gratitude


Too often we say “I can’t,” in spite of having all the tools we need already inside ourselves. We can not always control the things or people around us, but we can control our thoughts and our feelings. When faced with discouragement, instead of reacting with anger or disappointment, it’s important to keep moving forward. If we are struggling emotionally or psychologically, sometimes all we need is a physical activity to reignite the fire in our bodies and minds. By practicing yoga, lifting weights, jogging, or doing whatever feels good in our bodies, we can open our hearts. All it takes is one small moment of gratitude for the body our soul has been blessed with to experience this shift in perspective. So next time you’re having a bad day; go for a walk, a jog, or a run. Find something to be grateful for even if it’s the smallest thing. Be reminded that bliss is personal and it is internal. It is up to us to develop that energy through the commitments we make to ourselves. I have made a promise to myself to keep feeling good, even when things outside of my control try to bring me down. I will continue to nurture the energy of gratitude within. I will keep working hard. Ananda hum, I am bliss.

Emyli Dahlia

Registered yoga teacher and ACE certified personal trainer in Denver, CO. Owner/CEO of GoldDust LTD.