New Website

GoldDust Studios website has had a serious makeover. Welcome to our new look! The goal is to provide our prospective clients with information about the space, and reach out to future collaborators.

Community is a priority. If you are a trainer, coach or instructor looking for a supportive environment to grow your own business please contact us. Our space provides state-of-the-art equipment in a clean and uncluttered area both indoors and outdoors. Our group classes, boot camps and challenges will encourage accountability for your clients. As part of the GLDDST family, you will receive marketing benefits like social media promotions and featured blog posts. Thinking about personal training or yoga teaching as a career? Let us know.

At GLDDST we strive for a dynamic relationship between art, music and wellness. We support the overall health of individuals through holistic movement, lifestyle enrichment, arts and community.

Our studio boasts a large retail space and art gallery. We seek local artists, clothing lines, and creators to feature in the space and offer consignment, rack-rental, and purchase options. If you are a Colorado artist or small business owner looking to expand your retail presence we want to support you! Fill out our contact form and we will be in touch.

Now a little about the makeover:
Our color scheme is green, reflecting the fourth chakra.
Some key attributes of the heart chakra:

  • Location: In the center of the chest (the energy center is not located where our actual heart organ lies; rather, the heart chakra is in the center of the chest area); it is the 4th chakra counting from the bottom of the spine in the traditional 7 chakra system.
  • Color: Green (higher energy frequencies can turn to pink)
  • Symbol: Two intersecting triangles forming a 6-pointed star in a circle with 12 petals
  • Original name in Sanskrit: Anahata
  • Element: Air

Why this? The heart chakra is all about transformation, integration, and flow. It connects the subtle body to spiritual energy; the rooted lower half to the metaphysical upper. At GLDDST we use a combination of strength training and mind/body work to achieve physical fitness and find happiness that is already within our hearts. We focus on self reflection in order to attain growing life-satisfaction, improved self-esteem, and enhanced longevity.


Emyli Dahlia

Registered yoga teacher and ACE certified personal trainer in Denver, CO. Owner/CEO of GoldDust LTD.