yoga box

What’s a Yoga Box?

It’s a 1,000 sq ft premium, temperature controlled space with high-end low-impact flooring so you can keep your mind on your mat and leave the rest to us! Our floor-to-ceiling mirrors will help you align your practice; or attend one of our “Pratyahara” (withdrawal of the senses,) classes where we close the curtains on the mirrors, dim the lights, and encourage you to focus inward. Focus on breath and balance in our heat and humidity-controlled space as you flow to the sounds of our custom, one-of-a-kind sound system. Prepare yourself to feel the bass with the beat in your heart as you sweat to highly curated playlists or even a live DJ. Come in for a tour of the Denver studio and try a free week of classes on us.

Focus your attention on the music, and over time you will dissolve into yourself.